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Malvi's back!

Ok guys, what's going on in Alice Springs? Living here now 2,5 month I have to say, I still love her and this little town in the middle of the dessert is really everything but boring. The other concern some people had wiht my announcement moving to Alice was about my security. Well, I had a little problem with that. But not because I'm living in a town with 25% indigeneous people and not because I'm living in a mainly black area within this town.

My bad luck could have happened everywhere in Australia where people are generally not used to cyclists on the road. About 4 weeks ago someone knocked me over with his car. An ambulance and police showed up, I came to hospital for about 4 hours and a few stitches and then they seemed to hope "she's just a stupid backpacker". You should think you get some support from the police when the accident was obviously not your fold. But not here. It took me ages to get at least a case report number and name+number of the guy who's responsible.

Well, I think, I get it sorted now. Sent my claim to the insurance yesterday and this f*** lazy guy finally agreed to pay at least half the costs for a new second hand bike. He always tried to make me feeling sorry for him because he's out of work. In a town like Alice where you literally fall into work every 50m? No, no sorry for him!

Until 2 days ago I was riding the bike of a girl from my shop (Thanks again Maureen!) But I found someone fixing my loved Malvi - a maroone Malvernstar racing bike from the last iceage. Well maybe not that old, but fairly old. Because this other guy really freaked me out with never calling me when he should tell me what's going on I still want the money! That's fair enough, isn't it?

But that's enough - now some nice things here.

The Alice really tries to make winter (and it is winter - we had a lot of frosty nights) fun. First there was the weekend with the Finke Dessert Race, apparently one of the hardest racing tracks down under. I had to work but he whole week before was already bustling with very interesting people in town.

With the next weekend I was more lucky. The Beannie Festival was in town and I'm now a proud owner of a funny red beannie from the world's biggest beannie exhibition.

This was followed by the Alice Springs Show. Yes, every oz town has its horse race and I'm absolutely not into it. Especially when they are having a public holiday for that. I remember the boring Regatta Day in Hobart very well and decided not to go. But had a day off anyway. And so hat my friend. So we tookk the car and flee to the West MacDonnell Ranges. Yes, I've been in the Macs before but they are just great again and again. So we had a good night out and then a fun drive with a nice bushwalk and picnic.

Two weeks ago there was another race - Alice Springs Camel Cup. Ever been to a camel race? You should - it's really funny! Expecting to know nobody there, because everyone told us before you only go there once, we bumped every 10min into mates (not only the new ones from the pub night before). My explanation - it was very cold out there. So you just get pissed and every year it's your first time again.

And: I'm making plans again. I'll leave Alice end of August to go to Mimili Community in SA - half way from here to Cooper Pedy. I'll be there babysitting for about 3 weeks. Am really excited!

Selling opal now for quiet a while I still haven't seen a mine yet. So after Mimili i will go to Cooper Pedy for a few days and hopefully staying in a dugout underground hostel. This will be in the middle of September. As I ha enough cold by then I'll go up again afterwards. Probably taking the Ghan (a big train) to Darwin and there... ??? That are more than enough plans made.

And there is even another plan. In Alice starts the 230km long Larapinta Trail through the West Macs. Together with a girl from work, her husband and their friend I'll hopefully walk a part of this. These 5 days will be between Alice and Mimili. I already realised how unfit I became with only having my 20min bike ride to work everyday(and back again, sometimes back to town for working at the restaurant at night as well). So I started "training". The MacDonnell Ranges are an amazing mountain range that is going right past Alice Springs. The way from the airport into town goes through the Gap that devides the range in East and West Macs. So i walked on Sunday from work there, climbed the Gap and walked along to Mt Gillen, Alice's highest peak, decended there and went home. And now my sore mussels make me walking funny. So I have to get in shpae again for the Larapinta Trail!

I know, this is already a pretty long report but there are a few more things I want to share.

One) I'm really disappointed. It was raining and drizzeling for 8 days and I still haven't seen Todd River flodded.

Two) Have you been to cinema lately? I watched "Ten Canoes" (for non aussies: the first movie in indigeneous language, telling the story of people from Arnhem Land) Well worth watching!

Three) I missed a wedding of good friends at home. All the best Antonia+Sandi!

Ok, now you are released - hugs and kisses for all!
Love yours Antje.
26.7.06 06:22

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deine kleinste (26.7.06 19:59)
soooo....also ich habs mir durchgelesen, wie heute besprochen und ich muss sagen ich hab glaub ich alles verstanden *freu* aber naja bin ja auch eng LK da muss ich das ja können, wie jetzt einige lehrer sagen würden!!!!
aber man merkt, dass du aus unserer familie stammst! also die idee mit dem fahrrad ist wirklich sehr gut!!! der hat bestimmt dumm geschaut als er deine forderung gehört hat *gg*
na gut dann lass es dir gut gehen, will ja hier keine romane schreiben und haben ja erst getelt!!!
hab dich ganz doll lieb deine kleine schwester, die jetzt schon in der 12.klasse ist *freu*

Agathe / Website (27.7.06 13:39)
If you are sitting in the middle of the dessert, you should consider coming back to Germany for some table manners!

aussie (30.7.06 07:24)
reckon i shouldn't take that many dessert orders at my restaurant all the time.

12.klasse? ich dachte es sind noch ferien? hat mich ein/zwei gedanken gedauert, zu wissen, was 'getelt' ist. nee nee die jugend heutzutage...
ehrlich gesagt, schau ich grad dumm. der typ reagiert naemlich wieder mal nicht und gestern bin ich bei ihm zu hause aufgetaucht um mir sagen zu lassen, dass er vor 2 wochen ausgezogen ist. schaun mer mal.

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