Von Ossies und Aussies

Von Ossies und Aussies
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Active again!

Hi guys,

finally i'm a bit more active again. At least the last two days. On Monday i've been on Rotnest Island where we hired bikes to get around. And yesterday i've not only been swimming quite a bit, no, i've been climbing! After beeing angry with myself for just hanging around i went to Mountain Design asking for a ledge here in Freo. There is none and obviously also only one for whole Perth. But anyway: I got my shoes and chalk bag out of my pack in the storage room and told a friend here in the hostel. She was keen to come with me, so i waited for a few more days until her day off from waitressing. Whilst waiting a Swiss guy joined us as well. So the 3 of us had some awsome hours on the ledge. Can't wait for Kathi's next day off!

These are all the news from WA - still have no job but enjoy life. The last days we used to have big cook ups like we did in Newtown. 5 trays of pizza one day, 3 pans of 'Makaroni of the Alps' the next. It's really funny. We started cooking for 2 or 3, inviting people to join us because it was too much. Then these people want to cook for us... Today is BBQ time. Maybe another swim in the Indian Ocean and probably a bush walk with the Swiss guy on Friday.

Love - Antje.
5.4.06 08:55

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