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Von Ossies und Aussies
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Alice, who the f*** is Alice

I know, I was very quiet for a while - sorry for that!

But back to life, back to reality! (I hear some of you moaning, even online she's quoting songs...) After 1 1/2 month in Fremantle/ Perth i had to accept that there won't be a posistion as a Landsape Architect for me. The scene over there is really different to Sydney. In WA it's mainly small businesses that can't afford another person that's only allowed to stay for 3 month.

So every now and then I had one of those little jobs from the hostel when someone needed a hand in his garden. But at all I grew really lazy - my activities were pretty much moving from my bed to the swing at the hostel courtyard, to the cappucino strip, to the beach, to the weekend markets or the pub. At least I found the indoor climbing after a while and even a buddy. Twice I hired a bike and once a car with some girls from the hostel. But that's it.

Slowly running out of money and tired of doing nothing I got a job on a wheat farm 3 hrs north east of Perth. I was supposed to drive a tractor. But because it wasn't raining yet I couldn't start seeding. So I did pretty much everything there on the farm. I really liked doing some physical (and outdoor) stuff again but the farmer and me had one big problem: I didn't want to hit his 400 cattle and 6000 sheep with big plastic pipes to get them moving through all the gates or onto the scale or to get their hormon (!) injection or whatever. So I lasted 8 days having the same discussion again and again and went back to Freo at the end.

Now I needed a new plan. But what? I only knew where I don't want to go - back to the east coast because i've been there long enough, down south because it's too cold now, to Darwin or up the west coast because I was sick of backpacker life. And I didn't want to stay where I was. Even that it might have been easy to get a waitressing job in Freo.

So what's left? Alice Springs! Everyone told me I'm crazy - too boring and too dangerous. I arrived last Saturday, so it's 8 days now and I really love it! On day #4 I started waitressing in a nice (and a bit pricy) restaurant and I might get a daytime job in an opal shop as well. Have a second interview tomorrow.

The only unsolved problem so far is where to live. I'm looking for a share house again. There are a few around but you need to find them. It's not like walking along King Street in Newtown (SYD) and reading all the offers at the traffic lights. But I'm working on this. Yesterday i changed from a tourist-milking-mashine-backpackers to a really cute one with only 30 beds. It's operated by an aussie/german couple that seems to love it.

Today's task (despite of working from 4:30pm) was finding a bike. Solved! A bit out of Alice was a lawn sale and I walked there and rode back. Found a racing bike for amazing $10! Because it was a cancer fund raising and they gave me a pump and a helmet (that's for granny!) and helped fixing it, I gave them all my coins and happily I cycled "home".

These are all the news from me. I hope all of you are fine and as happy as I am! Love yours Antje.

p.s. And because Alice is such a small place I already bumped into an old Hobart house mate as a guest at my restaurant.
21.5.06 08:42


Nur als kurzes update: den job im Opal Shop hab ich bekommen und heut morgen grad meine erste Schicht gehabt. Lief ganz gut. Damit mach ich jetzt Kathi, einer Freundin mit der ich fast 2 Monate ein Zimmer in Freo geteilt hab, Konkurrenz. Sie ist auf einem Perlenschiff unterwegs.

C ya guys!
24.5.06 05:52


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